Thursday, November 03, 2011

Public Fail .... I haz one

So, I haven't blogged in months as a side effect of being overly busy (I'm doing really good to knock out 5 hours of sleep a night right now). An unfortunate side effect of this enhanced "level of busy" is that I over commit my time without realizing it and simultaneously believe the self told lie that I have my time managed well..... here we go.

First, the fail. I recently was ping'd as an unresponsive maintainer on the Fedora devel mailing list and I would like to publicly take full responsibility, the fault was mine and I hate that it reached a point that someone had to post to the list in search of me. I will do my best to do better in the future. My apologies.

Next, why have I been so busy? .... Well, I'm glad you asked. About a year ago I started a new career at Dell which has been exciting and fun and I absolutely love my job, but as with all jobs there are times where your To Do list gets long in the tooth. The tooth is long and since about July we've been ramped up quite a bit for a number of different projects in my organization, one of which is an attempt to try and make what we do in Enterprise Solutions Engineering more community centric and more open as a process in forms of publications, communication, collaboration and the like. (Much more to come from that link in the not too distant future ... stay tuned!)

What else? Well, I'm also working on my Masters Degree in Computer Science with a focus in Information Assurance and Security, I am scheduled to graduate this December and I'm currently working on my Masters Project that I started over the summer which has been a daunting task but fun along the way because I get to incorporate cool tech from Fedora. Sadly though, this does not mix well with a normal persons sleep nor hobby schedule.

Next up, this one isn't a time cruncher but I thought it deserved honorable mention in the field of "what I've been up to" ..... In August I turned 25 and this year marked a decade of my use of Red Hat so I decided it was time to write my fanboi in ink, literally.

Moving on....

I got married on September 10, 2011 ... yey me!!! It was very exciting and wonderful but also a giant time sink for all the planning leading up to the event (there went more sleep) but I wouldn't have had it any other way and our wedding was perfect!

Once the fairy tale day was over I sadly had to snap back to reality, my final semester of Grad School started the week before my wedding, so as soon as the Honeymoon was over it was a mad dash for the books and I've been hammering out course work along side my Masters Project ever since (along with keeping up with my full time job). All the while I'm attempting my best to keep active in Fedora land, I've been able to update a couple packages, handle some bugs, offer some karma to updates and such but I've clearly not been holding up to par what I would like to and what I have in the past. I would like to do better and I will do my best to make it happen.

None of this is an excuse for my neglect to my responsibilities that I signed up for when I became a package maintainer but I wanted to first say I was sorry for my fail and also to provide a little background around factors contributing to my slip up. I just certainly don't want community members to think I was simply ignoring Fedora or my responsibilities because I am just as much a walking/talking fanboi as ever, I love the project, and I'll be here for a long time to come!

Thank you for your time,

P.S. - I'm on IRC roughly 8+ hours a day because I'm fortunate enough to irc while at work.... please feel free to ping me there if you feel I've missed an email or bug report that was directed at me. Many thanks! :)

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