Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Open Source Community and GNU/Linux essay ... 0wn3d

“Liberation from the past. Freedom from outdated ideas.” The known world is concurrently run by digital networks of inter-operating machines constantly and consistently transmitting data in order to keep our hectic lives in functioning order. One company, Penguin Computing, has taken this truth to heart and appealed to the customers logical, ethical, and emotional aspects of the decision making thought process through offering leading edge GNU/Linux solutions.
In our world, computers run our lives. Within this world there are big players in the Corporate aspect of the computer driven world: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, Apple, Intel, AMD, and many others. Yet, in rebuttal to the large corporate network, an Open Source Community formed, comprised of computer scientists, software engineers, and hackers forged together to bring the leading in Information Technology to the world with an open mind and open standards. The logical attraction to this concept is simply the fact that when a large community of abstract brilliant thinkers comes together, they produce results. Because there is no corporation pressuring dead lines, the results produced are “done right” with stability, security, and performance in mind. Within this association the GNU/Linux operating system spawned and has, in the past 10 years, proven its worth within Enterprise Information Technology solutions and is now making its strategic move to the home desktop. Simply put, Linux is on the rise for greatness and Penguin Computing is not only helping move it along, but preparing for what tomorrows innovations shall bring. The performance and stability offered by the Linux kernel is simply unparalleled, thus making it the perfect base for such a advanced technological movement that will bring us into the next phase of this hectic life and even those phases in the future to come. The advertisement for moving to the technological world that is GNU/Linux, or more commonly known as just “Linux,” is appealing to the logical aspect of the human brain in the form of a decree. Stating that One will no longer be trapped by the old corporate owned Operating Systems, but will be freed and liberated by the Open Source Community to have choice and experience real world computing in an all new manner.
During the course of each individual's life, they develop their own set of ethics. In the life of an IT Professional, they develop a concept about the freedom of ones mind: the true spirit of a hacker. This ethical trademark will very quickly pave the path to a Linux solution and, as stated within the page found in the magazine and on their website, Penguin Computing is here to cater to those needing guidance in areas from corporate server and data center side all the way to the home desktop. This open minded apprehension brings on the ethical commitment to the community that features such technologies and elucidations. Drawing attention to the unfortunate fact that monopolistic companies like Microsoft offer lesser server systems as multiple thousand dollar “top of the line” computers while those informed and educated in the field are drawn to, not only the concept of but, the actuality of what Open Source offers and how much more advanced of a manner in which it is offered. Not to mention the cost efficiency due to the fact that Open Source Software is freely distributable and redistributable by law under the GNU GPL (General Public License) and all that requires money is support and administration; something already required to run even those Corporate licensed and developed Operating Systems.
Every person not only has their mental capacity to render decisions based on logical and ethical stand points, but many decisions are influenced by One's emotions about a certain topic. In the world of Open Source, many of its users, supporters, and developers are very passionate about being true to the ideals that Open Source portrays within its community. Penguin Computing grasps and understands these concepts and advertises in favor of these feelings of loyalty by recognizing the technological movement in a political rendition. Showing the Penguin, the GNU/Linux mascot, standing along side the founders of the single most powerful nation in the world puts forth the emotional bridge between the foundation of this country and the loyalty that goes along with the next generation of computing foundation with Linux and the loyalty that accompanies it. This concept is understood put forth in a logical sense to appeal to the emotional aspect of decision making and then transported to possibility of a purchase of a computer system is created due to the knowledge that emotion is generally one of the strongest tools to sway a choice in the human thought process.
We are now liberated from the past, and have achieved freedom from outdated ideas. With the help of Penguin Computing, the Open Source community and the GNU/Linux Operating System appealing to the most influential sections of the persuasive method as declared by Aristotle: logic, ethics, and emotion.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Evil Blue Empires ....

Note to the world, Best Buy not only sucks but sucks even worse to work for ....

P.S. - Microsoft still sucks just a little bit harder than Best Buy.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ubuntu Linux dominates the PC world....

I find myself killing time at Barnes and Noble every now and then. This last trip to the cafe portion of the store, I sit down with a cafeine fix and a few magazines, LinuxWorld Mag., Linux Mag., and PC World. PC World has a list of 2005's top 100 products and guess what Ubuntu Linux scores? #19 .... a linux distro has invaded the Windows world and is kicking ass while taking names; needless to say, I am very amused and satisfied by this for many reasons and one of the main reasons being the fact that Ubuntu is a Debian derivitive.

So I flip open LinuxWorld Mag. next and it is kind enough to have a column giving a rather large amount of props to Debian for being the most stable, most un-talked about bad ass distro around and informs most people that Debian's inovation is widely used, but most people don't realize that when they use Ubuntu, MEPIS, Knoppix, Damn Small, etc. that they are actually using a Debian system that has been customized for whatever each distro aims at. Next the article goes on to exclaim that the apt system that has been around in Debian for many years is just reciently being ported to distros like SuSE, Fedora Core, Mandrake, and other rpm based distros by using the new apt4rpm system that is taking the linux world by storm ... so what is the moral of this blog? the simple fact that Debian dominates all, always has and always will ... thus is why I have their trademark swirl tattooed on my left ass cheak and running on my server ... that's right ... got a problem with it? kiss my tattoo .... and my server :)


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My English Class....

I currently sit infront of a dumb terminal (and I use the term loosely) in English 165 taught by Rita Raju, the stupid bitch that has yet to merit a degree, but for some reason they are allowing her to teach us.

First, I want to go off on a tangent about the damned terminal I sit infront of. Not only does this peice of shit run on WinXP but it is also a Dell. I don't have a big beef with Dell, it just annoys those of us who got excited when they claimed to offer Linux as an alternate OS when purchasing hardware from them and then renigging on the offer. Then we shall get to the machine itself, they put far too much money into CPU speed and not enough into amount of RAM, the damned thing is running somewhere around a 2.8GHz P4 and only has 256MB of RAM. My workstation in my dorm has the same amount of RAM, but I am also only running a 1GHz PIII and well ... Linux can manage memory much better than this interesting chunk of code. Then we must focus on the interesting fact that the network (WinStall) packages are managed by students who aren't entirely fluent in the working of a network nor their protocols, thus making one think that the network would be sluggish at best.

Now, back to the stupid bitch standing infront of me. I have an issue with a human being who claims to have been a teacher of English for 15 years and yet still can't speak it worth a shit, I seriously want to throw something at her with the hope to correct her speach upon impact. Her grammar is annoying and she enjoys telling me that my essays are plagorized (spelling?) because I am too lazy to make a works cited, FUCK HER. She is the most contradictory human being on the planet and there ins't a single student who respects her, enjoys her class, or can take her seriously. If she was not in control of my grades, I would without a doubt, 0wn the shit out of her.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Testing... 1... 2...

Ok, and thus my first rant. I attempt to sit down a few days ago to write something intelligent about the fact that my University's definition of Computer Science for Non-majors is rather pathetic and low and behold my new found "google-zon" service felt the need to deny my the ability to update my blog. Not to mention the second review I plan to do in the (hopefully) not so near future about the new google file system that in my belief is the first step towards the Google-Grid, and the fall of modern news, fact, and civilization. But no worries, by then I hope that by then we will all be intelligent enough for our opinions to be worth while for spectators. Oh, and I will also be publishing my friend's rant about our campus food and will make note that it is his writing, but I can't not put it out on the web for the world to see. Ok, well until next time.... $exit


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A new beginning

On this day we embrace not only the start of a new blog, but the beginning of my own personal rebirth into the world in which I find myself. I named my journal after my computer, cheesy you say? Then you obviously don't know me that well. Anyways, I will do many random things with this blog, everything from ranting about life to writing reviews about certain technologies from cell phones to super computers, it will prove to be quite the compilation of randomness.