Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My English Class....

I currently sit infront of a dumb terminal (and I use the term loosely) in English 165 taught by Rita Raju, the stupid bitch that has yet to merit a degree, but for some reason they are allowing her to teach us.

First, I want to go off on a tangent about the damned terminal I sit infront of. Not only does this peice of shit run on WinXP but it is also a Dell. I don't have a big beef with Dell, it just annoys those of us who got excited when they claimed to offer Linux as an alternate OS when purchasing hardware from them and then renigging on the offer. Then we shall get to the machine itself, they put far too much money into CPU speed and not enough into amount of RAM, the damned thing is running somewhere around a 2.8GHz P4 and only has 256MB of RAM. My workstation in my dorm has the same amount of RAM, but I am also only running a 1GHz PIII and well ... Linux can manage memory much better than this interesting chunk of code. Then we must focus on the interesting fact that the network (WinStall) packages are managed by students who aren't entirely fluent in the working of a network nor their protocols, thus making one think that the network would be sluggish at best.

Now, back to the stupid bitch standing infront of me. I have an issue with a human being who claims to have been a teacher of English for 15 years and yet still can't speak it worth a shit, I seriously want to throw something at her with the hope to correct her speach upon impact. Her grammar is annoying and she enjoys telling me that my essays are plagorized (spelling?) because I am too lazy to make a works cited, FUCK HER. She is the most contradictory human being on the planet and there ins't a single student who respects her, enjoys her class, or can take her seriously. If she was not in control of my grades, I would without a doubt, 0wn the shit out of her.