Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Testing... 1... 2...

Ok, and thus my first rant. I attempt to sit down a few days ago to write something intelligent about the fact that my University's definition of Computer Science for Non-majors is rather pathetic and low and behold my new found "google-zon" service felt the need to deny my the ability to update my blog. Not to mention the second review I plan to do in the (hopefully) not so near future about the new google file system that in my belief is the first step towards the Google-Grid, and the fall of modern news, fact, and civilization. But no worries, by then I hope that by then we will all be intelligent enough for our opinions to be worth while for spectators. Oh, and I will also be publishing my friend's rant about our campus food and will make note that it is his writing, but I can't not put it out on the web for the world to see. Ok, well until next time.... $exit