Monday, March 27, 2006

PDP-11 ... dead, but never forgotten.

The PDP-11 is/was a processor/processor architecture (to my knowledge, there was only the one before it went to the way of the dinosaurs) that at one time dominated large scale main frames and dumb terminals at a blistering 4MHz or 8MHz option. Now thats no news, nobody cares about old processors that can't keep up with cell phone processors these days, but one of my computer science professors lived in the binari code of this chip and decided to bring it up in my processor architectures 2 class and went over the rather unique fact that it took all of its opcode instructions in octal, a very alienated way of doing things but since it was a 16-bit microprocessor it actually makes sense, and since my prof LIVES for this thing; it has been brought to my attention that our next assignment will be to code an emulator for it which i am strangely excited about doing. So once that is complete, i will be posting a link to a place you can download my emulator if you have any reason to want to.

... also, here is a link i google'd very quickly but haven't read over, though it looks interesting towards the