Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ubuntu Linux dominates the PC world....

I find myself killing time at Barnes and Noble every now and then. This last trip to the cafe portion of the store, I sit down with a cafeine fix and a few magazines, LinuxWorld Mag., Linux Mag., and PC World. PC World has a list of 2005's top 100 products and guess what Ubuntu Linux scores? #19 .... a linux distro has invaded the Windows world and is kicking ass while taking names; needless to say, I am very amused and satisfied by this for many reasons and one of the main reasons being the fact that Ubuntu is a Debian derivitive.

So I flip open LinuxWorld Mag. next and it is kind enough to have a column giving a rather large amount of props to Debian for being the most stable, most un-talked about bad ass distro around and informs most people that Debian's inovation is widely used, but most people don't realize that when they use Ubuntu, MEPIS, Knoppix, Damn Small, etc. that they are actually using a Debian system that has been customized for whatever each distro aims at. Next the article goes on to exclaim that the apt system that has been around in Debian for many years is just reciently being ported to distros like SuSE, Fedora Core, Mandrake, and other rpm based distros by using the new apt4rpm system that is taking the linux world by storm ... so what is the moral of this blog? the simple fact that Debian dominates all, always has and always will ... thus is why I have their trademark swirl tattooed on my left ass cheak and running on my server ... that's right ... got a problem with it? kiss my tattoo .... and my server :)


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