Monday, July 24, 2006

Why I don't like MySpace....

Here is the problem with MySpace: They are getting too popular on the web.

What happens to things that get too popular on the web and aren't stable enough to back it up?
They get bought out by Microsoft.

What will happen if MySpace gets bought out by Microsoft?
Microsoft will have an extremely popular wide open community that will become their favorite e-Advertising base and there isn't anything anyone could do about it.

Then What?
Well Microsoft would start to integrate MSN and MySpace services, your .NET password would work across all services seamlessly, now including MySpace, and thus all users of MySpace would be required to have an MSN account and vice-versa. There would no longer be a web mail login, it would simply be a control panel to access, modify, and update all of your current .NET enabled services. All of this playing into the monopolistic nature and then once again regaining social web dominance in favor of the evil blue empire. Then, before you know it there is an applet reserving real estate on the up and coming Vista applet bar and Microsoft is tracking every aspect of your web life thus sparking messages from the applet bar like so "I noticed you haven't blogged on Friendster in a couple days, nor have you added any photos to your MySpace, and your MSN mail box is filling up at an alarming rate. Wait, your coffee cup is still half full and you have only drank two cups this morning, shall I call a doctor via VoIP or should I just have Starbucks deliver another Capuccino?"

I am done writing about this and if you don't get the point yet, you never will....

..... Long live Tux.

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